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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

By The Sea

 Hello everyone and Happy Humpday. It's another blog time weekday to you. 

I had a very interesting week last and so far this week. It is interesting how popular you will be become and the people who you will meet online. Be careful of the wolfs in sheep's clothing. Don't be duped. Stick to your plans and don't deviate from them. It is very easy to be persuade to do things that's not in your plans if you are not fully grounded in them. This is my message to you today.

I'm going to share some traffic exchanges that is theme related. This theme has to to do with the ocean or the sea. If you love the sea or sea related adventures, check our these sea faring traffic exchanges and go ahead and start making money on commissions or to promote your sites. These sites are free to join, so go ahead and check them all out if you did do so already. If you already signed up, feel free to share this blog with your affliates.

 Sea Life Hits  

Traffic Splash

Traffic Pirate Hits

Vikings Hits
 Great White Hits

These are all that I'm sharing for today. Dont forget to share this post with everyone and check out my site at To 

Your Success!

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Ptc Sites

 Happy Wednesday everyone. Ptc(pay to click) sites are are a way to make income online. Even though I may not use these sites daily, they are part of my advertising programs that I use regularly on my blog. If you are looking for new ways to make money online, you are in luck. Below I'm sharing some of the sites I used. You may call it my best sites to date.

Scarlet Clicks

Ptc share PTCShare

Rewarding Ways

 These are my top 5 ptc sites. All are free to join with generous cash out threshold. 

 To your success!

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

My top 5 TEs

 Hello and Happy humpday and the 1st day of May. It's a new month, and if you are still looking for ways to supplement or replace your job income and you have a program to promote, continue reading this. Try traffic exchanges(te's). Traffic exchanges are the easy and proven ways to put out whatever you are promoting to the masses. There are no cost out of pocket. Additional costs are optional. Time is not of an essence. You choose what time of the day or night to promote your offers. You can even build additional income from these traffic exchanges via commission given to you for your services with them. You can even pick up other gifts and incentives in additional. 

I am involved in many traffic exchanges which I use to promote my blogs and other sites that I promote. Since it is very difficult to use all traffic exchanges at once, there are a few that I choose to use each days. These are which I will show and for you to check out and sign up with me. If you already use these, please share this blog and all my post to everyone on social media, emails or whatever source you choose. 

Rewards 4 Surfing  
Money Makers Xchange

Te Search  
Hit Mart

Hot Flash Hits  
 These are my top ten traffic exchanges. check them out today.

 To your success!

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Theme Surfing

 Hello everyone and Happy humpday! I will be sharing more surf sites with themes for those who are creative. This is making money while enjoying the themes you love. Today, its all about Texas or themes closely related to the wild wild west. So if you haven't already, please check these out.

Texas Size Traffic  
 Bootscooting Traffic

Pistol Packing Mama  
 Bounty Surf

Western Surf  
 These are the sites I have for you today. Don't forget that these are all free to join so check them out. 

 To your success!

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Theme Surfing

Happy Wednesday everyone. Today,  its all about me. Yes. Me. I am putting my stamp on surfing platforms that I highly recommend.  These banners are personalized and has been showing throughout my site here and also on my main site. 

You may have the opportunity to get these type of banner by clicking on mine then you can create your own. It's that simple. If you are looking for more opportunity, check out my previous posts. If you need some self help and to see what I'm up to, sign up here and my main site at

The Happy Pig Country The Happy Pig Country banner 
 Lifetime TE


Check these out. You can have these images on your sites in no time.

To your success.

By The Sea

 Hello everyone and Happy Humpday. It's another blog time weekday to you.  I had a very interesting week last and so far this w...