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Monday, June 21, 2021

Make easy money (Featured app)

 You would not believe the amount of apps and platforms that you can start making tons of free cash with little or no effort. You can refer back to my previous posts on links, apps and floating banners. These are all free to sign up. You may sign up on your own without using my links, but using my links usually gets you incentives to start and some times I may even get a kickback as well. The choice is yours. Also sending you my blog where you can see in depth how I got started working online and what I am currently doing. Banner

You love listening to music? Who doesn't. I'm featuring an app where you can listen to your genre of music and get paid for doing so. You can even get paid withing the app for taking surveys, trying out other apps or just by charging your phone. You can redeem for gift cards including PayPal and Amazon and payment comes quick and easy.  The app is called Current. You can use my link at the very end below to download for free.

I'm going to show you in more depth how to make money fast here and will be sharing my link at the end. So read all the way to the end. My review here is based on the Android version only.  And for you readers. Also at the very end. A special bonus to start making more cash while using this app. Again, please read to the end. 

This is how the app should look when you download. 

The ratings is 4.4* by over 1.5 million members which is pretty good.

The app is featured on CNBC, Business Insider, Fox Business and INC. Quite impressive.

These are some of the gift you can receive for participating. Payments come withing 24 hours or less. There is also AMC, Target, Starbucks, Google Play, EBay and many more gift cards to choose from.

As you can see that the payment is real. Payments are made through Current Media LLC.

I've been using this app for quite some time and to date, it is one of my favorites and also easiest ways to make cash. Here's why? 
I listen to music while working out(walking), while doing other tasks online, relaxing or basically letting it run in the background. Get those extra points for just checking in daily. You can get to your payments faster by charging your phones and by running advertising on this platform which is optional. I've been cashing out as soon as I get to my goal which you can set at your convenience. Here is the great part. You can set your music to the genre of your choice, by music or artist. It is so easy to use and I highly recommend this app if you are a music lover or just a casual listener. Give this app a shot since you will be listening to music anyway. Why not get paid for it. Here is my link below to download for free.

Bonus: Here are some tips to maximize your earnings. 1. Share your link to your friends and family. Share on social media or email your links to them. Gain passive income. 2. Do you have an extra phone and not using? Download app to phone and let run in the background while you're out and about. Gain more passively.  3. Be careful with using multiple accounts. You could be banned. I've managed two accounts for awhile and cashed out many times with no problems. Will inform you if any issues arise. 4. Use everyday. Change your listening habits.

Stay tuned to my next featured app and how to make money from it. 

Enjoy your day and week everyone.



Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Get Paid Online

taken from my blog site

Here are my new edition of links and invites. Your sign up means a lot to both of us with getting free incentives. Sign up on one or all.

1. Need traffic to your sites? Need to start making money online?  Click on link below to find out how.

2. Get paid for shipping, taking surveys and watching videos

3. Get paid commission. Get web traffic for free

4. Get paid for doing simple tasks like taking surveys, watching videos and trying new apps

5. Get paid for taking surveys and watching videos. You will also get paid for checking in everyday

6. I'm inviting you to join AttaPoll. Get paid to take surveys. Download the app here:

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Work from home projects

Hello everyone. Below are invitations to start your at home projects. Use one or use all. Click below and get incentives to join. Good luck. Click or copy and paste in your browser.


 Hey, I just gifted you points on the Current Cash Rewards app. Click on my link and make up to $600 a year! 🤑💰

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Links and invites

Hello everyone. Below I'm sending some invites for you to check out to start making money from your devices.  Click on these links to start earning immediately. Copy and paste these links in your browser.

1.  Definitely an app worth checking out. Lets you earn crypto!

2. Get Crypto every hour


4. Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (awhitely20) as your invitation code.

Get free cryptocurrency from all four above. Sign up on all to maximize your earnings.

One of the best PTC

Get paid to charge your phone and complete task
Check this out: earn free gift cards from Amazon/Walmart/Paypal/Netflix and more!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Make money online

Here are a few ways to start making money from the comfort of your home

Get free cryptocurrency Banner Get free traffic Get paid to click
You will be amazed with what you see here 

Click here⬇️

Make easy money (Featured app)

 You would not believe the amount of apps and platforms that you can start making tons of free cash with little or no effort. You can r...